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Wednesday, 17 July 2019

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Wakaaranga School is a Decile 8 primary school catering for over seven hundred students from new entrants to Year 6 from Farm Cove and Half Moon Bay.

It has a staff of 54 comprising:

  • 3 Leadership Team
  • 29 teachers
  • 1 ESOL teacher
  • 2 Specialist teachers
  • 4 part-time teachers
  • 4 ancillary support staff
  • 2 teacher-aides
  • 1 E-Learning Manager
  • 1 property manager
  • 1 WakaCARE.programme director
  • 6 WakaCARE supervisors

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The School Zone

Zone Street Numbers

  • Fordyce Avenue - all odd numbers
  • Fisher Parade - from 134 up and from 147 up
  • Pakuranga Highway - even numbers from 200 to 320
  • Glenmore Road - all odd numbers and even numbers from 52 up
  • Pigeon Mountain Road - from 116 up and from 103 up
  • Bucklands Beach Road - odd numbers from 345 up.
  • Gills Road - from 131 up and from 120 up
  • Himalaya Drive - all even numbers
  • Prince Regent Drive - odd numbers from 47 up and even numbers from 62 up
  • Falstaff Place - even numbers up to and including 32

To view the School Zone Map please click here

The School

A Times Newspapers Supplement From Preschool to High School, 2007 -

Wakaaranga School

Wakaaranga school principal, Brent Jenkin makes no apology for the fact that the school’s emphasis is on excellence.

“Our motto is ‘To be the best I can possibly be’,” Brent says. “This is not just something we stick on a wall and forget about but it is a belief we instil in all of our students. We do not accept there are excuses for students not doing their very best.”

Core school values, ‘Respect, Responsibility and Reflection’ are extremely important to staff and students in this colourful, multicultural school. Three trees in the school logo represent the Three R’s.

“We relate the behaviour of students to these three values and encourage them to make positive choices in their behaviour and school work,” says Brent.

 The name Wakaaranga literally means ‘the resting place of the canoe’ and is named after the area at the base of Wakaaranga Creek where pre-European Maori from the marae on Pigeon Mountain kept their canoes.

“The waka in our logo symbolically represents the vehicle in which our students take their educational journeys while at our school. As principal, I teach these values twice each year to every class.”

By concentrating on these core values and using a comprehensive analysis of students’ results in twice-yearly natiional standard testing, Wakaaranga pupils aim to achieve excellent standards in their academic work and social behaviour.

Communication between families and the school is fostered through school newsletters and parents are encouraged to maintain regular contact with teachers. The website, is updated weekly, proudly showing off the work and achievements of pupils as well as the results of the latest parent survey and general school information.

“We have published our 2013 ERO report on the website, which confirms the goals we have been striving to reach. Parents can also view actual test results and reports on student achievement.”

The Board of Trustees, Parent Teacher Association and staff have worked hard over the last few years to provide high quality facilities enabling Wakaaranga School to maintain high standards. All classrooms have seven laptop computers and a wieless network that will allow students to use their own devices in the futureThere is an excellent library, fully equipped with computers as well as texts. The art room is complete with a kiln and dedicated specialist art teacher, Mrs Margaret Murray. With a large range of instruments, the music room is where specialist teacher, Mrs Sue Murray, tutors a choir and orchestra as well as taking some classroom music lessons. A private music provider, KBB Music offers Year 4 to 6 students the opportunity to learn an instrument and play in a band one day a week. “Our gifted and talented students are involved in an extension programme that includes advanced work in mathematics and research,” Brent says. “For more challenged students there are withdrawal classes for reading, writing, mathematics and ESOL. We undertake to bring all students up to standard in less than two years and we provide the facilities to make that happen.” 

The School Programme

Students are offered good quality, balanced programmes with opportunities for extension and extra-curricular activity in the following areas:

  • A comprehensive E-Learning programme using Web 2 tools.
  • Extension Mathematics for Year 6
  • Annual Australian Mathematics, Science and English Examinations for Years 4, 5 and 6
  • ESOL programme (English Second Language)
  • Outdoor education: An activities week for Year 4 and 5. the Year 6 complete a Waterwise programme that teaches the students how to use a kayak and sail a yacht.
  • Inter-school sports: netball, rugby, hockey, soccer ,dance, cross country and athletics.
  • Speech contests: English, Chinese and Korean.
  • Talent Quest

Local curriculum initiatives, which promote further educational opportunities for our students, include:

The Students

Wakaaranga School caters for pupils from wide cultural and social backgrounds. We recognise and value the changing nature of the school population and the cultural diversity.

Currently we celebrate the mixture of nineteen ethnic groups plus New Zealanders.

The ethnic composition of the school is 61% European, 20% Chinese, 3% Maori, 3% Korean, 3% Iraq/Iranian, 2.5% Indian, 1% Pacific Island and others 6.5%. The gender composition is 56% boys and 44% girls.

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