Enviro School


Wakaaranga Primary School is proud to be a Green Gold Enviroschool. Learning for Sustainability is deeply embedded in our curriculum and because of this, students are empowered with this knowledge and action that they take.

As we continue on our Enviroschools journey, we can see that the whole school is involved in the everyday aspects of the kaupapa of Enviroschools and there is a high degree of ownership. They get to consider the impact of their choices and feel empowered through this experience.

There are opportunities for children to grow their leadership for a sustainable future through being a member of the Eco Warriors, Waka Waste Warriors, gardening clubs, Waka Bees, chicken monitors, art monitors, Gala Waste Ambassadors, Green Gold reflection team, STEM clubs and so much more.

It feels like the whole school community is committed to making a difference in our local area with their participation in the yearly towards zero waste Gala, Tread Lightly Caravan, beach clean ups, Wakaaranga Creek visits and recycling programmes.