Digital Literacy

“To be the best I can possibly be”

We create a climate of continuous inquiry at Wakaaranga School.  This is an environment where students collaborate with their vitual and physical peers to solve real world problems they have identified using good digital citizenship practices.  In this environment teachers will adapt their pedagogies to use blended elearning strategies to foster inquiry learning in their classrooms, use formative assessment to inform individual learning objectives and be reflective practitioners using teaching as inquiry.

Elearning statement:  

21st Century Learning requires students to be critical thinkers who seamlessly collaborate with their virtual and physical peers.  It also requires them to be proficient with the digital fluencies. Wakaaranga School will enable all members of their community to be able to access their learning anytime and from anyplace to facilitate the goal of creating critical thinkers and digital citizens who will become successful life-long learners.

Inside the classroom, students share their knowledge and understanding through the integration of e-Learning tools in their classroom.  Students are encouraged to become active participants of the virtual learning community established in their classrooms. They will also be encouraged to provide feedback which will further enhance their knowledge and understanding and at the same time support their community of peers, both virtual and physical. Finally students learn to become resilient through working on collaborative, open ended inquiry modules that require students to identify and solve real life problems with their physical and virtual peers.


Students will:

Learn to be:

  • life-long learners who are adaptable, flexible and resilient

  • successful digital citizens

  • critical thinkers

  • creators of new media

Have opportunities to:

  • publish their work and/or ideas to a variety of online sources

  • collaborate with peers and adults, physically and virtually

  • problem solve ie work with genuine open ended problems of their own creation through the use of Kagan Structures and inquiry learning

  • create and share new information or learning

  • identify and use the most appropriate tools / resources to demonstrate their learning

  • work with specialist teachers for 3D Printing, STEM and Robotics