Years 5 & 6 Speech Competition

On Tuesday 27th August  the Year Five and Six Speech Competitions were held in the school hall.

Mailen Freue,  Kevin Edwards, Chace Wang and Om Telang were the Year Five finalists. Alexa Busch, Aaron Seto, Dhrov Sinha and Keegan Tee represented Year Six.

The Year Five winner was Om Telang and the runner up was Chace Wang.

The Year Six winner was Dhrov Sina and the runner up was Alexa Busch.

Dhrov Sina was the overall winner and was selected to represent our school and compete at the Zone Competition at Owairoa Primary on Wednesday 25th September.

All the finalists spoke extremely well with excellent eye contact, expression and volume. There was a wide range of topics. Our adjudicators Mrs Geisler and Mr Francis commended the speakers on the high quality of their speech presentations.

We congratulate all our speakers and in particular Om and Dhrov for winning their syndicate speeches.

We thank our adjudicators Mrs Geisler and Mr Francis.

Caroline von Sierakowski