Botanic Gardens Trip

Botanical Gardens

By Indi Fox 3c

I looked out of the window and saw a blue sky. "Yay!" I said. "It's a beautiful day to go to the Botanical Gardens." First, my team and my leader, my mum, went to a little tunnel. It was dark in the tunnel. Next, we went to a pond and a sign said, "Do not feed us bread please!" After that, we went to see the tuis and we saw a fantail, too. Then, we went to this huge, giant, massive rock. It was very big. Also, we saw so many kinds of flowers. Then, we went to a garden. We learnt about a life cycle of a pea. Then, we put a radish plant wherever we wanted. Finally, we walked back to the bus. My favourite part was looking at the flowers.

Caroline von Sierakowski