School Donations


One simple donation

Based on Ministry of Education guidelines the board has agreed to move away from a split of donation and school supply contributions to one combined donation amount. The advantage to parents and caregivers is that the total combined donation is now fully tax deductible.

Donation to remain $220 per child

The board of trustees have met to discuss 2019 budgets and approved a recommendation that donations be held at 2016 levels.

Early payment discount and payment options

As in past years an early payment discount of $20 will apply should payment be made before 31 March 2019. There are also discounted rates for those of us who have more than two children at our school.


2019 Donation

Donation with Early payment discount













There are several options available, including Automatic Payment that allows payments to be spread over time. Payment can be made in any of the following ways to our

ASB bank account, 12-3089-0129583-00

  • Direct Credit (please note your child’s name under particulars)

  • Automatic Payment (please note your child’s name under Particulars, and Donation under Reference)

  • MasterCard or Visa (note your card details: card number, your name, expiry date) and mail, fax or e-mail these to us

  • Cheque sent to our office

  • Cash – paid at our office (not by mail please)

Difficulty paying

We know this is typically an expensive time of year for us all. If you are having difficulty paying please talk in confidence with Brent Jenkin or Jacqui MacLean at the office. The administration team will happily talk about options to make payments throughout the year.