At Wakaaranga we offer an engaging and culturally responsive learning environment. We believe that students learn best and reach their full academic potential when their physical, social and emotional needs are recognized and nurtured.

Students are supported in reaching their potential within supportive and cooperative classroom cultures. The use of Kagan Cooperative structures is embedded across the curriculum. These structures encourage students to work and interact positively with others, share their ideas and opinions, reflect, and support each other in their learning.


The Scholastic PR1ME Mathematics programme is used as the core teaching and learning programme for mathematics.

The PR1ME Mathematics programme has been identified as the most effective teaching and learning programme for our school as it builds a solid foundation in mathematics by developing deep conceptual understanding with a strong focus on problem-solving. The programme combines the standards and best practices of the three top-performing education systems against international benchmarks on mathematics achievement. The structure of the PR1ME Mathematics programme is clearly sequenced so that new concepts are regularly revisited, reinforced and built upon to enable your child to confidently move to the next step of complexity in the concept or skill being learned.


At Wakaaranga we engage students in rich, creative and authentic literacy learning experiences, targeted to their level of learning. Our literacy programmes provide opportunities for children to develop and practise skills and strategies associated with reading, writing, oral and visual language. This enables them to become increasingly skilled and sophisticated speakers and listeners, writers and readers, presenters and viewers.

Landscape Learning

Landscape Learning, our inquiry based approach to teaching and learning is driven by students’ curiosity about the world around them. We encourage our students to make connections, cooperate, collaborate, and problem solve through authentic learning experiences.

Physical Education

During their time at school students are involved in a variety of class, team and whole school activities. As they progress through the school they also have opportunities to participate in interschool sporting competitions. All students are supported and encouraged to participate and play cooperatively alongside their peers. The school fun run, annual cross country and athletics events are highly anticipated highlights within our school calendar. We recognize the importance of physical activity for students’s well being.


There are many opportunities for children to be exposed to and participate in music related learning. Both music and singing are regularly integrated within the classroom programme within the junior classes, and then led by a music specialist from Year 3 upwards. We have a choir and orchestra who perform regularly at school events and in the wider community.