Learning is a journey

are you ready?


Respect - Responsibility - Reflection

‘To be the best I can possibly be’


Sharing the good times

Our children participate in a wide variety of activities within our vibrant school community.

They are eager to experience new things, and are encouraged to be ‘the best they can possibly be’


Our School

Our children grow up with a deep sense of belonging.

Wakaaranga has a strong sense of community in which every child works to the best of their ability and are affirmed and acknowledged for their efforts and contributions.



We see an amazing development of self confidence after pupils have mastered new skills during Waterwise sessions.


Visual Art

At Wakaaranga School the Visual Arts play an important part of school life and every student is encouraged to be creative.

Wakaaranga has a dynamic Visual Art programme for all Year 1- 6 students. We have our own art studio and a dedicated art specialist teacher, enabling the students to enjoy a variety of artistic styles and genres over at least two three day art intensives per year.


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