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Welcome to the Wakaaranga School website. At our school, the emphasis is on excellence. Our motto is “To be the best I can possibly be”. This is a belief we instil in all of our students. The core school values, ‘Respect, Responsibility and Reflection’ are extremely important to staff and students in our school. The three trees in our logo represent these three R’s.You may like to check out our Facebook page at

 New School Report

At the end of 2015 an End of Year Progress Report or a National Standard Report was written to summarise your child’s progress and achievement. At the time we said that the new report format was a trial and that we would be surveying parent/caregivers to get feedback. Here is a link to an online survey. We would be very grateful if you could take a few minutes to provide us with some feedback. The survey closes on 27 May.

Please text your child's name, class and reason for absence to 027 576 8206. You can also email an absentee notice from this website by just going to this page Parents absentee Form.
 Board of Trustees Elections, June 2016
The NZSTA has produced a parents’ guide to that provides information for parents on what they can expect from the board of trustees. This guide also provides information on questions parents may raise about the function of boards. The guide can be found at:

ICAS Examination Dates 2016
Science – 31 May 
Spelling – 15 June 
Writing – 16 June  
English – 2 August 
Mathematics - 16 August 

School Stationery
2016 Stationery is available on the MySchool website at just follow the link.



BOT Candidate Profiles
Here are the profiles for the BOT candidates. It is very important that you vote for the candidates you would like to see on the BOT
Homestays Wanted
Wakaaranga Primary will be hosting 33 students from Jiangdong Primary School in China from the 4-8 July. The students are aged between 10-11 years. They arrive on 2 July and depart on 12 July. A & E International pay $440.00 per student. If you wish to host a student please contact Lei Feng (Homestay Manager) 3681231 or 022 6577 910
Deejays School Lunches
You can now order your child's lunch online! Go to, register your details and you can order and pay for your child's lunch and it will be delivered to their class at lunchtime. Alternatively you may still send the order to the kitchen before school.
2016 Term Dates
2016 Term 2 ends 8 July Term 3 25 July-23 Sept Term 4 10 Oct-15 Dec